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District Academic

District honor roll students will be identified in grades four and five using the following criteria:

  • Must maintain an average of 3.0 or above quality points

  • One letter grade of C is permissible

  • Letter grades of D, F, or I are not permissible

  • Must maintain subject area effort grades of 1 (satisfactory)

  • One subject area effort grade of 2 (Needs improvement) is permissible

  • All personal development ratings of 1 (satisfactory)

Teacher/Classroom Sites


Education Fun Sites

Research Sites

ProQuest/Culture Grams

Students may obtain their password information from their teacher for ProQuest/Culture Grams.

elibrary Elementary is a reference resource that includes magazines, newspapers, books, maps, encyclopedias, almanacs, web links and audio/video titles.

Culture Grams contain information about the states of the U.S. and World countries. The site is constantly updated.

Academic Resources