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School Counselors

Bully Proofing!​

A bully is someone who takes advantage of someone else. Their goal is to achieve control over the victim. Sometimes a bully even wants to control a whole group of people. A child may become a bully to cover his or her weaknesses. Bullying can also be the result of having poor role models. If a child's parents bully him or her - or each other- the child thinks such behavior is normal.

Bullying is considered a big problem and stopping bullies is extremely important in order to keep our kids safe at school, at home, and in the neighborhood. Parents, if you see any signs, talk to your child. Start with a general question: "Is anything bothering you?" Then get more specific. Stay calm and listen. Get as much information as you can. Stress that no one deserves to be bullied. Talk about how to avoid being an "easy target" for a bully. Demonstrate how body language tells a lot about a person. Posture, eye contact, and manner can say, "I'm strong and confident." You can also reinforce the social skills your child needs to make friends. Children who have friends and are confident are less likely to be bullied or to become bullies themselves. When you see your child treating others with kindness, praise him or her so that you reinforce that kind of behavior. Help your child understand how to avoid bullies or defuse situations if bullies can't be avoided. Stress that there may be times when the best thing to do is turn and walk, or run away and tell an adult. Parent Guide to Bullying